Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dal vada/Moong vada

It was raining here and we both want to eat something hot and spicy with tea or coffee. What could be better option than dal vada? Dal vada is typical gujju finger food. They make from different type of dal/lentils. This is my mother's recipe and I love it from my childhood.

2 cups moong dal (with skin)(green gram)
8-10 garlic
1-2 piece of ginger
5-6 green chili
oil for frying
pinch of asafoetida
salt as per taste.

Wash the moong dal couple of times with water. Soak it overnight in the water. Grind the moong dal coarsely in the grinder with very little water. Don't make smooth paste, it should be coarse. Grind ginger, chili, garlic and add to the moong dal batter. Add the salt as per taste. Add asafoetida and mix all of them very well with your hand.

Heat the oil in pan for frying. Grease your hands with oil and drop 3-4 vada(or use spoon) at a time in the pan and dry them till golden brown. When you put the vada, keep gas on high flame. Then fry them on slow flame, to get the crispy texture outside and soft inside.

Serve them hot with onion and fried green chili. Dal vada were so tasty, we finish them all with cup of tea and coffee.

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