Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thepla from leftovers

Thepla....just this one word is enough for me to crave for this yummy food. Any gujju family's trip is incomplete without those theplas and pickles. There are so many varieties and ways to make it. There are quite few things which go very well with them like pickles,curd,curry, chutney, tea, coffee, ketchup etc.

This recipe of thepla, it is totally full proof recipe because it is made from leftover khichadi/ plain rice. I don't recommend using leftover pulav because all the vegetables in the pulav. Those vegetables make rolling the thepla harder.

leftover khichadi
whole wheat flour
ginger chili paste
chopped cilantro
lemon juice
salt as per taste
oil for cooking

carom seeds
sesame seeds
turmeric powder
coriander cumin powder
red chili powder

Take the khichadi in one big bowl to knead the dough. Mash the khichadi with your hand as much as possible. Discard any whole spices or peanuts from the khichadi. Now add the flour slowly and start combining the dough. Make sure to add just enough dough, so all the khichadi gets comibined. Now add all the spices,cilantro,salt and sugar. Make the dough with very little or just without water. Don't knead this dough too much otherwise with all the rice in it, it will become too sticky to handle.

Divide into equal portions and roll into thin circles. Heat one flat griddle or tava and cook all the thepala using oil as required.

We enjoyed our thepala with hot tea and enjoyed!

I have not mentioned specific measurements for this recipe because it all depends on the quantity of leftover khichdi/rice, type whole wheat flour and consistancy of khichadi/rice

If you make this thepala with leftover khichadi, then keep in mind that there are already some spices and salt in the khichadi.

If you make this thepala with plain rice then add spices for flour and rice accordingly.

This thepla doesn't require too much oil to be safe because of rice.

I like to have lots of cilantro in these thepalas, they really add nice flavor to this dish.