Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Palak Paratha

Hello friends, this is my first post on this blog...so bit nervous and a lot of exicitement!!! I will try to share my recipes and in return expect your feedbacks.

Being a vegetarian, I always try to add as many vegetables in my food as possible. Paratha(Flat bread) is important part of indian cuisine. Aloo paratha are my favourites. Though Palak paratha is my recent favourite and also try to add nutritious spinach in my dish. Especially I love green color of this paratha. Parathas can be enjoyed with pickles,curry,raita,chutney,sauces!!!

4 cup whole wheat flour
1 tspturmeric powder
1 tsp red chilly powder
1 tsp corriander powder
garama masala(optional)
2 tsp sessme (til)
1 tsp sugar(optional)
1-2 small boiled potatoes
some oil for cooking

To be ground into paste
2 cup roughly chopped spinach
1 small onion
3-4 green chilly
1 small piece of ginger
2-3 cloves of garlic

First of all grind a smooth paste of spinach,onion,green chilly,ginger and garlic in mixer grinder.(without any water)

Now take a one big bowl to knead the dough. add all spices and sugar in the whole wheat flour. Mashed the boiled pototo and add in to the flour. Mix the potato in flour nicely with your hand. Add 4-5 tbsp of oil in the flour. Add the salt according to taste.

Add the grinded paste of spinach in the flour and mix all of it well. Knead smooth dough without water or with a very little water.dough should not be too firm or too loose. ( If you feel, the grounded paste is more then add some flour.)

Now divide the dough into small portions. Using a rolling pin roll each portion on a flat surface into a round shape paratha. If the dough is sticky, sprinkle the whole wheat flour on flat surface.Take a pan or griddle and cook both the side of parathas with little oil.

Serve it hot with curd,pickle, raita, or chutney. It is wholesome meal for dinner and then you can enjoy leftover as breakfast in morning also!!