Thursday, July 4, 2013

A smoothie aka juice recipe for all moms!

If I say that my kids have 3-4 different kinds of fruits everyday without any all can do it as well!!!
Before we move ahead,

Caution:- This is kind of rant from mom of 2 tots....not recipe

Okay, so as far as I know that most of toddlers/kids give hard time to their mommies for fruits. Even if they eat fruits, they normally don't like varieties. There are always 3-4 type of their favorite fruits and they just stick to those. As in my case it is banana and strawberry. Beyond those two fruits, it all depends on their mood, hunger and situation. At one point of her life, my older one was just eating strawberries except any other fruit. How can I tolerate that? so here comes the solution my smoothie/juice recipe.

Normally all kids have at least one or two favorite fruit. So here is my formula for to feed them the other not so favorite fruits.

3/4 your kids favorite fruit+ 1/4 any other fruits you want them to eat+ 1 to 2 tbsp vanilla/chocolate ice-cream+ a very little milk (blend all these things....that's it)

Okay, now you all will say that it is not healthy way to feed fruits along with ice-cream. Well, sometimes a little compromise takes you a long way with kids. This is just the beginning.  Once your kid starts to love this juice then,

3/4 your kids favorite fruit+ 1/4 any other fruit you want them to eat+ yogurt/homemade yogurt/Greek yogurt+ a very little milk(again blend everything!)

that's call the progress!

Then slowly slowly you can change the fruit combinations as per your wish.

Believe me, everyday I give my kids a different kind of juice.

Like in my kids case, I use banana everyday so that I don't have to add any additional sugar(double benefit.....pat on my shoulder...I know enough of my praising!)

You can also add few nuts down the road, once you are done with your fruit list

Here are few of my versions which has work with my kids:-

banana,strawberry,blueberry, yogurt, milk

banana, apricot, blueberry, Greek yogurt, milk

banana, pitch,strawberry, Greek yogurt, milk

mango, strawberry, Greek yogurt, milk

banana, different kind of plum, berries, yogurt,milk

apple, mango, yogurt, milk

As I said, there are endless variations with one fix kind fruit as per your kid's taste.

Normally I serve this juice after their nap in the afternoon. We all have enjoy this together and this juice makes them full till dinner. I don't have to think about what to give them for evening snack. I just have to open the refrigerator and blend some fruits. Also, this recipe is working perfectly with my 14 months old as well(of course without nuts).

So now you never have to give your kids those store bought sugary water! Hope this trick works for you all mommies!

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